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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

International Dinner

Last week it was the last official activity for all of the International Students at UVM. Many students showed their talents, displayed photos, brought food and shared with each other some of their best memories of the semester. It started off by having some of the OIIE-UVM staff judge international plates that the students brought. There was a wide range of food—culturally speaking, from “no bake cookies” to Chilean-style pasta.

After, the students watched as some other students performed some of their best talents. From Derek and Gillian’s swing dancing to Rob’s Bob Marley impression—this was a night that students will never forget! In the end, Emily Mower won the talent show by singing a song that she personally wrote while living here in Chile called, “Principe Azul.” More than anything, there were a plenty of smiles and laughter to go around the tables….Viva Chile!

Friday, November 06, 2009

Studying & Traveling

For those who would love to travel around Chile, studying at the University of Viña del Mar is the perfect oportunity to get started. When you are not in classes, weekend trips to Santiago are very convenient. There is so much to do in the capital city of Chile that can get you lost here all semester! Also, on weekdays you can head over to one of the famous "ascensores" (elevators) in the city of Valparaíso which is about 10 minutes away by metro. If you want to escape the modern-like city for something more historical, original and antique--Valparaíso is the place to be anytime of the day!

When there are no classes on a Friday or Monday, many times students will take buses and hit the road to the north or the south. Depending on the season, many students enjoy traveling up north as far as San Pedro de Atacama. Others love leaving the country and going over the Andes and entering into Mendoza, Argentina. While others take the south road and head over to Concepción, Chile's 2nd largest city. Everything is here in Viña. From the the driest deserts up north to the southern regions of lakes and the Patagonia, everything is within reach when you study in Viña.
By John-Miguel Mitchell
Brigham Young University Student
at OIIE-UVM, Chile

San Pedro de Atacama


La Serena